The Development Direction

The Development Direction:

To promote health and prevent disease developing the new technologies and products

Economic prosperity brought affluent life making the proportion of civilization diseases and chronic diseases continue to increase. To prevent and treat human disease and to maintain our physical health are the number one priority. The idea of health is increasing by the living standards improvement. In addition, with the social trend of the aging population, elderly health care needs are more pressing. Therefore, the overall trend between social and economic development is: the more developed the economy, the more severe the disease.


This tendency drives the innovation in medical technology and the progress and development of drugs products, also contributed to the biomedical industry, and the development of the biotechnology industry, however, the industry has brought the economic prosperity and human well-off life, thus creating a causal loop evolution. In the light of this, the development direction of the Department locking for developing new technologies and products for human health and disease problems, and to promote the biotechnology industry.

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