The Present Status of the Department

The Present Status of the Department

1. The Students

The Department has three kinds of classes: undergraduate, graduate, and executive master's classes. 47 students come from the general senior high schools, while eight students are from vocational high schools and majored in chemicals, hospitality, and agricultural courses. A total of 55 students are enrolled for each year, along with 25 graduate program students and 17 executive master's program students.

2. Faculty

The department currently has 17 full-time teachers including the President, three professors, 11 associate professors, and three assistant professors. Another eight teachers are from Chi Mei Medical Center, and three part-time teachers.

3. The Key Laboratory

(1.) Molecular Biology Laboratory

(2.) Functional Products Laboratory

(3.) Biochemical Engineering Laboratory

(4.) Fermentation Engineering Laboratory

(5.) Molecular Pharmacology and Cell Physiology Laboratory

(6.) Immune- and-pharmacological Laboratory

(7.) Natural Products Laboratory

(8.) Biotech Trial Production Plant

(9.) Cells Animals Laboratory

(10.) Animal Room

4. Important Instruments and Equipment

5. Counseling Firms

There are more than 60 local manufacturers and two foreign firms in Taiwan had been counseled by the Department.

6. R & D Results (Development of Products)

The Department has developed for over 30 biotech products through industry-academic cooperation or technology transfer.

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